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Protection assortment Co-Op Superstores - Ballymakeera


Protect your garden from rain, gales, frosts or pests with protection from Co-Op Superstores - Ballymakeera. Protection in the garden takes many forms, but all are essential to keep your plants as happy and healthy as they can be. Protect your plants against insects and they'll stay blemish free and beautiful throughout the season; protect vegetable seedlings from the weather and they'll start growing earlier in the season and keep going for later.

Pest protection at your fingertips from Co-Op Superstores - Ballymakeera

Seedlings are at their most vulnerable to pest damage, so protection is often the only way to stop slugs, caterpillars, aphids and fleabeetles turning those lovely young leaves into lacy doilies. As soon as you plant them, put your protection in place. Insect-proof mesh and fleece is very effective suspended over canes and pegged down at the edges. You'll find all protection for your plants at Co-Op Superstores - Ballymakeera in Ballymakeera.

A cage of netting is the perfect protection from birds – use over fruit bushes as they're ripening, and to keep pigeons off brassicas. You'll find walk-in fruit cages in easy to assemble kits at the garden centre for convenient year-long protection; or for smaller-scale gardens, there are cloches covered in both netting and fleece to concertina out over a row in seconds.

Protection in all weathers

Extend the season at both ends with protection under glass or plastic cloches and cold frames. Cold frames are a great low-cost alternative to a greenhouse and invaluable for raising seedlings in spring and autumn.

Put polythene, glass or individual bell and lantern cloches in place a couple of weeks before you sow and it'll warm up the soil so your seeds germinate quicker. A cloche over parsley, chard and lettuce in autumn helps them stay productive longer, too.

Frost protection for a trouble-free winter with Co-Op Superstores - Ballymakeera

With a little extra frost protection you can get even borderline-hardy plants like the hardy banana, Musa basjoo, and delicate Mexican sages through winter unharmed. Protect tropical plants including tree ferns with a wrapping of straw and hessian, topped with a double layer of plastic to fend off excess winter rain. Heap fallen autumn leaves over the roots of salvias and tender herbs like French tarragon to stop the frost penetrating the soil; and if all else fails, lift your tender exotics, pot them up and bring them into the shelter of a greenhouse. You'll find greenhouses both large and small, plus economical heaters and bubblewrap insulation all on sale right now in your Munster garden centre.

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