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Barbecues in Youghal

Buy barbecues in Youghal

Barbecues make summer special. There's nothing quite like the sizzle of sausages and the crackle of charcoal to turn a warm summer evening in the garden into a party. Pop open a bottle of something fizzy for an al fresco meal to make your weekend start with a swing.

Barbecue in style at Youghal

Pop down to one of the garden centres here in Youghal during normal opening hours and kit out your barbecue to perfection with good-quality cooking accessories from tongs to fryers, forks and hot plates as well as lighters, mats, grill cleaning accessories and aprons.

From camping barbecues to outdoor kitchens

Barbecues are the ultimate in versatility: choose the style to suit you:

  • disposable barbecues
  • kettle barbecues
  • gas-fired barbecues
  • charcoal barbecues
  • outdoor kitchens

Please select your local garden centre near Youghal below who’s offering a wide range of barbecues for more information.