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Artificial Christmas trees in Ulster

Looking for the right Christmas tree is time-consuming, most times because you are looking for “that” tree that is just perfect for you and your family. The Garden Centre Guide takes away all the time and effort of searching for the right Christmas tree. How, you might ask? Well, simply because by visiting their site, you will find thousands of garden centres all over the UK, more than likely a few of them in and around the area where you live. Then it’s just a matter of browsing through the trees that these garden centres have on offer, choosing the one you want, buying it online, and there you go – your perfect Christmas tree in just a few minutes!

When Christmas comes around, many people, especially the environmentally conscious, have a hard time deciding on whether to buy an artificial tree or choose a real tree to use in their living rooms over the festive season. However, there are many benefits to choosing real Christmas trees that are actually extremely beneficial to the environment, such as:

Absorption of carbon dioxide

Most trees take about 8 to 12 years to grow before they are ready for harvesting and during this time, help to get rid of the carbon dioxide that is spewed out by modern industry.

Tough and useful

Real trees are grown on farms in areas that are considered to be unusable and since they are so hardy, can also be grown on barren hillsides and in fields where almost no other plants would survive. They also help to beautify the areas under power lines that would otherwise be left open.

Growing population

When ready for harvesting, real trees that are cut down are immediately replaced. To make sure that there is a constant supply of trees, most farms will plant about three new trees to replace the one that has been cut down. Rather than reducing the population of trees, farms supplying real Christmas trees are in fact, protecting, maintaining, and increasing the number of trees. In other words, when you buy a real tree at Christmas time, you are really helping the environment and not damaging it at all.


At the end of the festive season, your real tree can be recycled. It can be ground up and used for mulch to protect the roots of plants, while at the same time preventing the growth of weeds. Decomposed mulch also provides much-needed nutrients for plants. The Boy Scouts in most areas will help you by picking up your dead Christmas tree on the pavement and taking it to a recycling centre for you. 

Visit The Garden Centre Guide today and start shopping for your real Christmas tree. Having a real tree in your living room, beautifully decorated by you and your family, will provide the welcoming Christmas cheer you want in your home at this time of the year. As an extra bonus, you can enjoy the festive season to the fullest, knowing that you are actually doing a lot to help the planet’s environment!