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Vegetables in Kildare

Buy your vegetables, -seeds and -plants in Kildare

Vegetables are so easy to grow it's a wonder any of us go to the shops at all. Vegetables eaten moments after they were on the plant are fresher, crunchier, tastier and just as nature intended: no sprays, additives or preservatives required.

Vegetable gardening in small spaces in Kildare

You don't need lots of space to provide yourself with home-picked delicacies. Pick up a metre-squared raised bed kit from your local Kildare garden centre, invest in some containers, look out for ‘dwarf’ and ‘patio’ varieties and you can enjoy super-fresh home-grown veg wherever you live.

Vegetable growing made easy in Kildare

You’ll find all you need to get started at your local garden centre:

  • vegetable seeds
  • self-watering containers
  • raised beds
  • garden tools
  • plant protection
  • grow bags and compost
  • greenhouses, cold frames and sheds

Please select your local garden centre near Kildare below to find out more about their range for vegetable growers.