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Power tools in Connacht

Although most people find gardening pleasurable, there is no doubt that most of them will complain of aching backs and sore muscles from all that garden work. Does this sound like you? Well, if you invest in the right tools, gardening can and will become an absolutely pleasurable pastime, with no sore muscles and aching back. What you need to do is visit The Garden Centre Guide, search for garden centres close to you, and then browse through the wide variety of power tools in Connacht they have on offer.

Just some of the power tools you need for your garden include:

  • Garden auger – use a power garden auger for digging holes and planting, and your backache will be a thing of the past!
  • Electric or battery-powered pole saw – great for working over your head. Just make sure to find a light and easy model that will give you the comfort you need as you work
  • Power trimmer – a great time and effort saver for sculpting shrubs and shaping hedges
  • Pressure washer – will blast scum and dirt from decks, ponds, patios and sidings with ease
  • Electric edger – this is just the power tool you need to create those clean, crisp lines between walkways and your lawn. Perfect for achieving that “bowling green” look!
  • String trimmer – if your lawns look a bit rough around the edges where grass is growing too tall next to birdbaths, walls, or other objects, then the string trimmer is an absolute must-have!
  • Cultivator – the cultivator is a handy power tool that’s great for loosening soil in small gardens, especially around shrubs and plants
  • Power tiller – if you have a large garden or your soil is hard and compact, then this is the power tool for you. 
  • Chainsaw – an essential tool for clean ups and tree maintenance. The model you choose should be big enough to deal with the branches in your garden, yet light enough to work with comfortably
  • Electric leaf blower – raking leaves can be a thankless job, but by using an electric leaf blower, the job will be done quickly and almost effortlessly, especially if you have a large garden
  • Power loppers – this handy tool can handle the toughest of cutting jobs, with some of them capable of taking down branches up to 10 cm in diameter!
  • Wood chipper and/or leaf shredder – a wood chipper is great for cutting up branches quickly and easily, and the material created by shredding leaves and twigs with a leaf shredder, makes perfect mulch
  • Aerator – your lawn will thrive after you’ve loosened the compacted soil with an aerator!
  • Mower – mowing your lawn is a never-ending job and depending on the size of your lawn you can choose ride-on mowers, self-directed, or walk-behind models. You have different power choices too, such as battery, gas, or electric

If the above list of awesome power tools has pricked your interest, then visit The Garden Centre Guide where you will find thousands of garden centres scattered throughout the UK including Connacht. Do a quick search to find the garden centres where you live, and you’re guaranteed to find all the power tools you need for your garden, quickly and easily. 

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