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Hand tools assortment Choice Kells

Hand tools

Buy your garden tools at Choice Kells in Kells! Hand tools are a gardener's constant companions. They're the go-to tools for every job in the garden, from weeding to pruning, training and dead-heading. Small enough to shove in a pocket, yet sturdy enough to put up with steady use day after day, it's well worth investing in the best you can afford as good gardening hand tools make gardening a pleasure, effortless and enjoyable, just as you like it.

Hand digging with expert garden tools from Choice Kells

First on your list of must-have hand gardening tools for the toolkit are a hand trowel and weeding fork. Ideal for close-up work in the border, you'll winkle out the most recalcitrant of weeds with a well-made hand fork; and trowels are invaluable for planting seedlings and bulbs, hollowing out seed drills and sinking cuttings. When you're choosing your model, pick it up and weigh it in your hand to make sure it feels right for you.

For dealing with very young plants a specialist transplanting trowel is useful. They have a narrower head, often marked with a depth gauge – also handy for judging spacings between plants. You'll also find two-pronged daisy grubbers and other specialist weeders in the garden centre here in Kells - ideal for winkling out stubborn weeds from lawns.

Specialist garden tools for specialist jobs from Choice Kells

The right garden hand tool for the right job makes all the difference, and there's an extensive range of specialist hand tools at the garden centre tailor made for every task in the garden.

Secateurs are essential for pruning and dead heading and come in two designs: anvil, and bypass. Bypass gives a cleaner cut, but anvil secateurs are great for tougher jobs like hard, woody stems. Add loppers for stems over 5cm thick, and a folding pruning saw for the oldest branches and your pruning needs are sorted.

Looking after your Choice Kells hand tools

Take care of your hand tools and they'll last for years. Clean off any dirt after your day's gardening, and store in a dry shed or cupboard. You'll find plenty of garden toolboxes in your Leinster garden centre, a great way to keep hand tools together and make sure they're ready and waiting next time you need them.

Sharpen bladed tools regularly with a sharpening stone from the selection in the garden centre. And just from time to time, give the moving parts on secateurs and loppers a drop of oil to keep them moving freely and help them last longer too.

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