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How to Protect Your Garden Furniture Set in Winter

Lisa Garden on 01-03-2023

As the winter season approaches, many homeowners are faced with the challenge of protecting their outdoor furniture from the harsh weather conditions. Winter weather can be extremely damaging to garden furniture, causing it to rust, fade, or crack. In this guide, we'll show you how to protect your garden furniture set in winter to keep it looking good as new for years to come.

A chair under the snow

Preparing Your Furniture for Winter

Before you start protecting your garden furniture, you need to prepare it for the winter season. The first step is to clean your furniture thoroughly. Use a gentle soap and water to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on your furniture during the summer months. Make sure to dry it completely before moving on to the next step.

Next, remove any cushions or pillows from your furniture and store them in a dry, indoor space. This will prevent them from getting wet or damaged during the winter months. If your furniture has removable covers, take them off and wash them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once your furniture is clean and dry, you're ready to start protecting it from the elements.

Protecting Your Furniture from the Elements

One of the most important things you can do to protect your garden furniture from the elements is to cover it with a waterproof cover. A good quality cover will keep your furniture dry and prevent it from getting damaged by snow, ice, and rain. Make sure to choose a cover that is the right size for your furniture and that fits snugly over it.

Another way to protect your garden furniture from the elements is to move it indoors during the winter months. If you have a garage, basement, or other indoor storage space, move your furniture inside to protect it from the harsh weather conditions. If you don't have an indoor storage space, consider investing in a storage shed or renting a storage unit to keep your furniture safe and dry.

Protecting Your Furniture from Rust and Corrosion

One of the biggest challenges of protecting garden furniture in winter is preventing rust and corrosion. To prevent rust from forming on your furniture, apply a coat of rust inhibitor before the winter season starts. This will help to prevent moisture from getting into the metal and causing rust to form.

If your furniture is already starting to rust, use a wire brush to remove the rust and then apply a coat of rust inhibitor to prevent it from returning. You can also use a metal polish to restore the shine to your furniture and protect it from further corrosion.

Protecting Your Furniture from Fading

The sun's UV rays can cause garden furniture to fade over time, so it's important to protect your furniture from the sun during the winter months. If possible, move your furniture to a shaded area to prevent it from fading. If you can't move your furniture, consider applying a UV-resistant sealant to protect it from the sun's harmful rays.


Protecting your garden furniture set in winter is essential if you want it to last for years to come. By following the tips in this guide, you can keep your furniture looking good as new, even in the harshest winter weather conditions. Remember to clean your furniture before protecting it, cover it with a waterproof cover or move it indoors, apply a rust inhibitor to prevent rust, and protect it from fading by moving it to a shaded area or applying a UV-resistant sealant. With these simple steps, your garden furniture will be ready to use again as soon as the warm weather returns.