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How the Pitches Will Affect the Euros

Watching the highest level of football compared to the Sunday League standard, you can see the difference in the pitches and how this affects the playing style and the player's health. When the pitch is smooth and has the perfect amount of wetness the ball flies across the pitch allowing play to move quickly and allowing the game to flow and be played at a high level. When looking after a pitch you need to keep an eye on the weather, having “green fingers”, which basically means being good with gardening and a good amount of patience. There is also a large responsibility that comes with the pitches now and this is apparent for the Euros.


The Bundesliga is one of the biggest footballing leagues in the world and with this, they get the best resources to make the pitch as good as possible. Turfcoach uses AI and agricultural science to make the German football pitches perfect. They use AI to scan the weather and climate to see how it affects the pitch, they do this with no tools so the pitch stays in perfect condition. They use a machine learning process to get data about how the turf behaves and changes. This makes the actual maintenance of the pitches cheaper as they make and use a customised piece of software that uses sensors on the pitch. 

How This Affects Players

Players on a pitch have split-second decisions to make, whether it's for a tackle, a turn of speed or a pass. This decision and the speed and which they take it are massively impacted by the pitch, a poorly maintained pitch could cause a pass to be misplaced, a slide tackle to not have the same effect, a shot to travel slower or even a player to run slower. However, more worryingly a player could be injured by a bumpy pitch or a harder surface and get a serious injury and this is why a pitch with good quality is so important. One wrong move on a badly maintained pitch an injury could cause an injury and seriously affect the Euro 2024 betting like if Mbappe got injured for France, they would have less chance of winning the Euros as he is their main player. 

How does this change the Euros?

With the 2024 European championships taking place in Germany, this is the perfect time for them to show off this technology and show how it changes the pitches. With the last International tournament being in Qatar, this is a good time to show how monitoring the pitches and playing in a better climate can change the pitches. In this tournament, the pitches will be looked at in a similar manner to normal but with even more attention being added because it is one of football's largest stages. The football should zip across the ground and fly really nicely and the player should be completely confident in how the pitch feels with no worries of injury. 

One of the main issues with football over the last few years is the amount of games that players are being forced to play every year and play longer seasons. So having the pitch at a good quality keeps the player's safety at an even higher level and also makes the game itself be played at a higher level. Players can sprint and press with intensity keep the game played at a high level and be safe while doing it. If a large pitch uses the turfcoach method of keeping the pitch at a high level of quality, a player can use the space and the speed of the pitch to their advantage. Teams like England, who have good technical players, can use this space for good one-touch passing and dominating of the ball. 

Why is this good?

When we watch football we want the game to be played at a great quality and we want the players of our team and opposing teams to be safe and not be ruined by injuries. With turfcoach, German pitches focus on this a lot which bodes well for the Euros.