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Reviews about Woodie’s DIY & garden centres - Sallynoggin

Garden centre: Woodie’s DIY & garden centres - Sallynoggin
Address: Sallynoggin Road
Town or City: Sallynoggin
County: Dublin
Phone: 353 (1) 284 0200
Website: Click here

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Geraldine Reilly

I was with my mother in Woodies when she was looking at plants she bought 2 bags of compost and some sand paper which cost €14, I told my mother to take it back which she did but the customer service staff got a bit annoyed as my mother had got a cheaper sand paper and wanted a refund for the difference, she also asked the sales assistant could some one lift the compost into the car as she is a pensioner, the girl rang the bell and asked to get one of the guys to carry it out, 10 minutes later we were still standing in the shop, I saw a gut coming so myself and my mother started to go out, we got soaked as it was the exit door and the guy was not for us, eventually we went back in again asking if some one was coming when I say a male staff standing at customer service and just walked off when we came back in, then a guy came who put the compost in the car took the trolley and took my mothers euro :( very annoyed with the service, yet again!!

ann mcdonnell

I bought a number of handles for kitchen presses on Sat. I had to go to 3 shops to get the quantity i wanted. Unfortunately one was faulty so had to get a replacement. The reception i got was very negative from the staff in this store.I felt under accompliment by the staff. There was NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER. They should be appoligising to me for the inconvience instead of the other way around.

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