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Reviews about Woodie’s DIY & garden centres - Limerick

Garden centre: Woodie’s DIY & garden centres - Limerick
Address: Ennis Road Retail Park, Ennis Road
Town or City: Limerick
County: Limerick
Phone: 353 (61) 582424
Website: Click here

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Anne Marie Donegan

I can't believe the Limerick store only has two stars - my experience would award it ten! We shop regularly in the Garden dept, but this summer I could hardly keep away, and got great bargains in storage and pretty household stuff as well. My husband could spend hours in the hardware/nails/tools dept. The store is well laid out and we are spoiled for choice. The staff in each department we have used and at checkout are wonderful - helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. People in their 60s and 70s need to know our questions will be answered and problems explained so we won't feel fobbed off. he Limerick staff are kind, respectful and definitely friendly. Our next trip will be to buy a water barrel. You have good deals. Do not even think of closing this store.
Noticed two poor reviews so wanted to add a positive as is always a treat to browse Woodies - good on home decor items with quite good prices -got two lovely vases there recently, Great on party stuff for all occasions, garden things usually interesting, hardwear well layed out and lots of it - and thrilled with two lovely radiator covers that transform our sitting room. I have never had problems with staff e.g. enquiring about items or returning the odd item.. Irish company so please keep going in Limerick!
I bought a petrol ryobi easy start strimmer on friday the 10th of august. After many attempts I could not get it to start.I returned to the store on Saturday the 11 th of august less than 24 hours after I bought the item A staff member tried and failed to start it I then had to wait around for the mamager who would not give me a replacment or a refund but said he would only send it back to ryobi and I would have to wait seven to nine days for a reply.

if you are thinking of buying electrical or petrol operated items in Woodies SEE IT WORKING FIRST
i was in the limerick store today and i have never left a shop as angry. the staff are helpful but the management have a lot to learn. i was in the same shop 2 weeks ago buying a fishing rod . they had some in packages and some on display with reels attached so i taught they came as a set as they had a price tag attached. i got one last week without any problem so i said i would get another one today for a different kind of fishing. i picked one up and a few spinners but when i got to the counter the lady said i needed a barcode and the price tag attache wasnt eneogh. she called the manager down who simply whipped the fishing rod out of my hand and said this is not for sale and walked away before i could even open my mouth. as i perchased one last week without a problem i felt like he taught i was trying to pull the wool over their eyes. he was off on foot before i could say a word so i decided to leave everything else i had to purchase and just leave. total lack of good management ski

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